Heating Faults

The Fault vault.

This here page is going to be crammed with valuable short videos offering some insight on boiler/ heating faults that I come across from day to day. Hopefully, this page will be beneficial to both the general public and maybe some fellow heating engineers. I will often receive calls from engineers I have worked with in the past, asking for advice about certain boiler issues, I’m always happy to help. This made me realise that I could have something to offer others – so this is my way of sharing the wealth and paying it forward.

 Just a quick note – These are only examples of what I found whilst working on the area – None of these videos are set up or fake.

 Also, It’s only a helpful guide which I hope will provide and insight to engineers – I will not demonstrate how to change the particular part – or how to strip a boiler. This isn’t designed to empower unqualified individuals to repair their own boilers – working on gas appliances without the relevant qualifications is a crime.

 That said – Please enjoy the videos and provide feedback etc via youtube.

I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Keston C36 Flasing display fault

Flashing disply board – Keston C36 – Like for like repair.

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